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Fruits Basket Manga Resources!



Hi! Welcome to the new look of the Fruits Basket Manga resources page.

Now that Fruits Basket has been lucky enough to get it's own English language release by Tokyopop, I've decided to add a page just to that and seperate the Japanese release related links to their own page.

If you're new the Fruits Basket manga, let me just say 'Welcome!' Maybe you've seen the anime, or just read volume 1 of the Tokyopop release. Or maybe you just heard some great things about it from a magazine review, a friend or whatever. Any way that you got here, let me say welcome. ^_^

As wonderful as I think the Fruits Basket anime is, the manga is so much better. Besides all the humor, angst, fun, sadness that made the anime really great, there are:

More Characters (all the Zodiac!)
More Plots and Subplots
More Mysteries and Suspense
More Romance (hehe)

So welcome to the wonderful world of Fruits Basket Manga ^_^ On the English page I'll have a review of the volume, info on the release (what extras and stuff are with it) and whatever info I can dig up. On the Japanese page are lists of links to our faithful translators who have translated all the way up to the recent chapters (only missing 2 along the way). These are a great sneak preview for those of you buying the English release, and a great aid to those of us who have been buying the Japanese release faithfully these past couple of years.

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